You Know Where to Find Me

You Know Where to Find Me
By: Rachel Cohn

Miles has spent her life in the shadows of her cousin Laura. Laura is completely over privileged-smart, gorgeous, and a student at a prep school outside of D.C. Miles is overweight, anti-social, and lives with her mom in the carriage house of her uncle's property. As far as Miles is concerned, Miles has the perfect life-until Laura she commits suicide, leaving her dad and Miles lost in the wake of the event.

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My Rating: 2.5/5

I was very excited to read this book but was very disappointed after I had. I think Rachel Cohn is a really great writer. She has a way with words and her characters are always unique and well developed. But with this book, I just couldn't get into it. I had to force myself to finish it. A lot of the book was very random and I don't find that Miles truly ever came to terms with Laura and her committing suicide. I just found things to be all over the place, not much development in the plot and storyline. :(


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