Marked: A House of Night Novel

Marked: A House of Night Novel
By: P.C Cast, Kristen Cast

In 16-year-old Zoey Redbird's world, vampyres not only exist but are tolerated by humans. Those whom the creature "marks" as special enter The House of Night school where they will either become vampyres themselves, or, if their body rejects the change, die. To Zoey, being marked is truly a blessing, though she's scared at first. She never fit into the human world and always felt destined for something else. At the House of Night Zoey finds true friendship, loyalty, and romance as well as mistrust and deception. She realizes that all is not right in the vampyre world and that the problems she thought she left behind exist there as well.

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My Rating: 3/5

I like vampire novels, they're always interesting. Ever since the HUGE success of Twilight, more books dealing with vampires have popped up all over the place, very much so saturating the YA market in particular. After a while, it becomes difficult to remember which vampires belong to which story and what mythology belongs with which of those vampires as well. What I really liked about this book was that it differentiated itself very well from other vampire novels, Twilight in particular which can be difficult to do given its large amount of followers and success. I felt that both P.C and Kristen Cast created a world that was different and new to readers. The entire idea of not necessarily becoming a vampire if your body rejects the change was really neat.

Then there's Zoey who has a really interesting outlook. She's very much naive to what is occurring around her at times and very humorous in many situations. I liked her a lot, and her outlook on her current situation of moving to The House of Night as well as the problems she encounters was fascinating and fun to read. Then there's the deception and mystery behind everything which further enhances the story. I really enjoyed this novel and I'll definitely read on, finishing the series.


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