Generation Dead

Generation Dead
By: Daniel Waters

Phoebe Kendall is just your typical Goth girl with a crush. He's strong, silent...and dead.

All over the country, a strange phenomenon is occurring. Some teenagers who die aren't staying dead. But when they come back to life, they are no longer the same. Feared and misunderstood, they are doing their best to blend into a society that doesn't want them.

When Phoebe falls for Tommy Williams, the leader of the dead kids, no one can believe it; not her best friend, Margi, and especially not her neighbor, Adam, the star of the football team. Adam has feelings for Phoebe that run much deeper than just friendship; he would do anything for her. But what if protecting Tommy is the one thing that would make her happy?

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My Rating: 4/5

First of all, I love this cover. Secondly, this book was awesome. I'd heard about this book for a little while but didn't really have any intention of reading it. The entire premise seemed really eerie. How could someone fall in love with a dead kid? Then I eventually came back to it, figuring I'd give it the chance it deserves. I'd been reading a lot of novels with different elements, being more open minded and ta-dah! I picked up this book.

I really thought the entire idea behind this book was not only different from other novels I'd come across but well constructed. I think Daniel Waters did a really great job creating this world where the differently biotic walk among the living. He really went all out with the terms even providing scientific facts on how something could happen/does happen etc. It was almost as if the epidemic were really happening and not just being portrayed in a fictional novel.

I really liked the characters except for the evil few which if you've read this book or are planning on it, will see what I mean. I liked that this story was told through third person narrative. I'm usually more of a fan of first person but having it as so really offered a view into the mind of all the characters which was really intriguing and fun to read. I'm super excited for the release of the sequel, The Kiss of Life which comes out May 12th, 2009.


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