Upcoming Release: The Lost Summer

The Lost Summer
By: Kathryn Williams

Pub date: July 14th, 2009

For the past nine years, seventeen year-old Helena Waite has come to summer camp at Southpoint. Each July, the camp and its familiar routines, landmarks, and people have welcomed her back as a Southpoint sister. This year, however, she is returning not as a camper, but as a counselor. The only downside? Her best friend, Katie Bell, is still a camper.

All too quickly, Helena discovers that the innocent world of campfires, sing-alongs, and field days have been pushed aside for late night pranks on the boys' camp and stolen kisses in the hay loft. As she struggles to define herself, Helena begins to lose sight of what made camp special and the friendships that have sustained her for so many years. When Ransome, her longtime crush, becomes a romantic reality, things get even more confusing. It will take a life-threatening accident to her what she's lost... and found.

summary from kathrynwilliams.com

I like books about self realization where the story takes you on a journey through one aspect of the main character's life. Plus I always really enjoy books set in the summer. It's a nice change from high school scenery plus it's usually a tad more drama filled. (*wink wink*)


  1. This sounds good! I will be looking for it.

  2. I read about this one somewhere and I it really sounded good to me.

    I too, like self realization books. I like to know all that occurs in the character's mind.

  3. I saw this book on someone's WOW post last week and it looks really good. It sounds like the perfect summer read!




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