By: Wendelin Van Draanen

The first time she saw him, she flipped. The first time he saw her, he ran.

And from the second grade to the seventh, that's how it was. She says: "My Bryce. Still walking around with my first kiss." He says: " It's been six years of strategic avoidance and social discomfort."

But in the eighth grade, their views of the world- and each other- turn upside down. He says: "I'd spent so many years avoiding Juli Baker that I'd never really looked at her, but now I couldn't stop." And she says: " I felt a cold, hard knot tighten in my heart. I was through with Bryce Loski."

Is there hope for happiness in junior high?

Have you flipped?

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My Rating: 4/5

This book was so cute! I'd heard great things about it for years and I definitely agree with the positive reviews. The two main characters are younger than in any other novel I'd ever read (they're in the 8th grade) but I still understood them and thought they were really great. Plus we were all be 13 once right? We can all relate in some way or another I'm sure.

I thought that the story was very sweet and innocent. It's told through the alternating perspective of Bryce and Juli. I love books that have different narrators because it's always interesting to see both sides of the story. This particular tactic worked very well with this novel. I liked that Flipped had both a fun and sweet side as well as a more serious side surrounding both the Loski and Baker family.

I definitely recommend this one. It's a light and fun read.


  1. How could you NOT give it a 5/5!?!?! :-D It was my fave book of my middle school years and I've re-read it twice now(still love it)...

  2. I have been meaning to read this for quite some time and now your review has forced me to pick this one up!! Thanks!!

  3. The cover for this book is absolutely adorable! o_o<33

  4. I have this! And love it ^^




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