Sneak Peek Saturday: Along For The Ride

When passing through authors websites/blogs etc, I often come across excerpts and other fun things that the author has put on their site. I'm especially fond of excerpts because it allows you to glimpse into the book, read the first chapter and then some to get a grasp and a feel for the book. I thought it would be fun if I posted some of those on my blog which I'm unoriginally going to title "Sneak-Peek Saturday."

So for my first ever Sneak-Peek Saturday I thought I'd include a few excerpts from Sarah Dessen's soon to be published novel Along for the Ride (June 16th, 2009) If you follow Sarah's blog and are a member of Sarah-land, you've probably already stumbled upon these but if not, I thought you all might be interested, especially if you're a Sarah Dessen junkie like me. You can find the first one in its entirety here
"Hi Auden!!

It was the extra exclamation point that got me. My mother would call it extraneous, overblown, exuberant. To me, it was simply annoying, just like everything else about my stepmother Heidi.

I hope you're having a great last few weeks of classes. We are all good here! Just getting the last few things done before your sister-to-be arrives. She's been kicking like crazy lately. It's like she's doing the karate moves in there!

I've been busy minding the store (so to speak) and putting a few final touches on the nursery. I've done it all in pink and brown, it's gorgeous. I'll attach a picture so you can see it.

Your dad is busy as always, working on his book. I figure I'll see more of him burning the midnight oil when I'm up with the baby!

I really hope you'll consider coming to visit us once you're done with school. It would be so much fun, and make this summer that much more special for all of us. Just come anytime. We'd love to see you!

Love Heidi (and your dad, and the baby to be!)"


The second excerpt comes from One Lonely Degree (May 26th, 2009) by C.K. Kelly Martin. I know a lot of you are eagerly waiting for this one to come out as am I so i thought I'd post a little bit of the first chapter which can be found in its entirety here.
"Things don't always change with a bang. Sometimes they change so gradually that you can't clearly pinpoint the last moment they were truly the same. That's the way it was with my parents. I know they were happy- but I couldn't tell you exactly when.

Audrey says they could just be going through a bad patch and that things could start changing back when I least expect it. Anything is possible. That's almost the truth, but it doesn't fill me with hope. Anything is possible makes me feel like someone's scraping at the inside of my ribcage with dull scissors. If you kept that idea in your head, you'd never leave the house for fear you'd be crushed by a runaway bus or gunned down in the mall parking lot.

Anything is possible is something I prefer not to think about, but I don't always have a choice. Some nights are just like that. The sick feelings creep on me until I want to shout so loud that it would make my parents come running. I never do of course. It wouldn't help, and my parents would cart me off to some highly recommended shrink that would want to know everything."
Have a great weekend everyone! =D


  1. Awesome! It makes it easier, so then you don't have to go searching on the author's website for an excerpt! Thanks, and great idea!

  2. Awesome - I love them both.

  3. I really, really want - NEED - Along for the Ride.

    I like this new meme!

  4. Both books look great. I can't wait to read them!




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