Upcoming Release: Jumping Off Swings

Jumping Off Swings
By: Jo Knowles

Pub date: August 11th, 2009

Jumping Off Swings tells, from four points of view, the ramifications of a pregnancy resulting from a "one-time thing" between Ellie, who feels loved when boys touch her and Josh, an eager virgin with a troubled home life.

I searched low and high for a longer summary but could only find the little blurb above. I still think this book sounds really interesting, even from the small summary provided. Plus I really love the cover. It's so so nice.


  1. I am DYING to read this! I loved Lessons From A Dead Girl. I will be anxious to read your review.

  2. It really does sound interesting. I would read it!

  3. I like the title because I never "step off" a swing, I jump!
    I'm not sure if I like books about teenage pregnancy-unless of course the book steers in a "don't do this, it's wrong" direction or provides some sort of message. I don't like books that just present the subject but never acts like it's right or wrong, it just floats.
    What about you?

  4. Anonymous5/14/2009

    Morgan: Well, teenage pregnancy is obviously not right but for the majority, it's never planned so that's why I think that most YA books dealing with the subject of teenage pregnancy never address the issue as right vs. wrong. It's more about making a decision after the inevitable has already happened.

    I do agree about the message aspect. A topic like teen pregnancy is serious enough that books containing such a premise should hold some sort of message/lesson etc. The ones I've read usually do so yeah. =D




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