Upcoming Release: Troy High

Troy High
By: Shana Norris

Pub date: August 1st, 2009

Homer's Iliad, the classic tale of love and revenge, is shrewdly retold for teens in Troy High.

Narrated by Cassie, a shy outsider who fears that an epic high school rivalry is about to go up in flames, the story follows the Trojans and Spartans as they declare war on the football field. After the beautiful Elena- who used to be the captain of the Spartan cheerleaders- transfers to Troy High and falls madly in love with Cassie's brother Perry, the Spartans vow that the annual homecoming game will never be forgotten.

The Trojans and Spartans pull wicked pranks on each other as homecoming approaches. And the Spartans' wildcard football star, Ackley, promises to take down the Trojans' offensive line. But the stakes are raised when Cassie is forced to choose between the boy she loves (a Spartan) and the loyalty to her family and school.

summary from goodreads.com

I didn't come across this book until a few days ago. It sounds like it'll be an entertaining read, especially with all the rivalries going on within the story line accompanied by revenge. You can never go wrong with those two components as far as entertainment is involved. Plus, as always, I really like the cover.


  1. Wow! I haven't heard about this one! I am always super excited when a classic is retold in any form, students really seem to like books like this and it gives them a relevant example of the themes in the classics. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. Yeah, this is also my first time hearing about this book. Thanks for posting about it!




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