Upcoming Release: Thirst (Book 1)

Thirst (Book 1)
By: Christopher Pike

Pub date: August 4th, 2009

A bind-up of this classic paranormal thriller series from bestselling author Christopher Pike!

Alisa Perne is the last vampire. For five thousand years she has been living among humans, living off humans. Beautiful and brilliant, she hunts alone. She thinks nobody knows her secret. But someone is stalking her. Someone wants her dead. And Alisa has a choice to make; to keep a long-held promise or protect the mortal she seems to be falling for.

Credit for summary from Eleni's blog

Technically, this series is being re-released. The 6 original books were published in the 90's. Seeing as vampires and young adult fiction have substantially grown in popularity since then, these books are being put out once more and with fancy new packaging in what I believe will be a trilogy. It's basically what they did with the The Vampire Diaries as well which were also released in the 90's and then re-released after all the Twilight craziness began to take off.

Personally, I'm a sucker ( no pun intended) for vampire books. Even though they're becoming a little redundant, I just can't help myself from being intrigued. Plus I like this whole idea of being the last vampire alive on the planet. That's something I haven't come across yet. So although these are technically already on the market, I'm going to wait for the re-release. I like the idea of them packaging more then one of the original stories together to form one larger book and if you must know, I'm cover vain and I think these are prettier. D:


  1. Im a sucker for vamp books also!

    And its being released on august 4? My sisters b day >.<

    I was looking for the originals of this book, but now I think Ill just buy this one ^^

  2. I like some vampire books too!
    There's Twilight that got me started, the House of Night series which I just finished (and loved), the blue blood series is ... okay. Not the best. But I just bought The Vampire Diaries not long ago so I hope I like that :)

  3. Anonymous6/24/2009

    Taschima Cullen: Glad to see I'm not alone! :D

    B.A.M Book Reviews: I just bought The Vampire Dairies as well. They sound pretty good and I've heard good things about them as well. Also, have you read the Evernight series by Claudia Gray? So far there are two books: Evernight and Stargazer. I really recommend those. They're quite different from all the other vampire books you've mentioned. :D

  4. Love your word "cover vain" because I would grab this one for the cover alone!! Sounds like a great read and one worth waiting for to be repackaged!!

  5. Haha, I've read these. I may own one I've bought from a library sale, actually... They're pretty good.

  6. I am also hooked on vampire novels! My daughter got me started on the twilight series. I have read all of them, the true blood series, some of vampire diaries and secret circle and now waiting on the 4th night world. All are a must read. My favorite of all authors are LJ Smith and Richelle Mead I plan to add all their books to my collection. If you know of a discount place online I can get books please contact me at forbes68@yahoo.com. Thanks!!!

  7. Anonymous10/18/2009

    im curious bout this book looking forward reading it..i read a lot of vampire books already so let me judge this one..

  8. Anonymous10/29/2009

    Hmm this seems like a really good vampire book looking forward to reading it :)
    ps also a sucker for any vampire stories

  9. I got today..and its a really good book...
    I like the cover of Alisa

  10. Anonymous11/03/2009

    I have read the first 2 so far and really like them. I love vamp books!!

  11. Anonymous11/07/2009

    I love reading books about vampires. I read all of the twilight books, I read this series that are extermely good though. The first book in the series is called Marked by P.C and Kristin Cast. I luv them!!! <3

  12. Anonymous11/11/2009

    I have read the last vampire series, house of night-
    favorite! ; true blood series, nightworld series
    and twilight series of course!! Pike takes a
    unique spin on the subject including demon
    kalona and a totally different world in 5000 yrs!!
    Hope everyone enjoys them as much as I did!!

  13. Anonymous11/11/2009

    I also heard that house of night series may be made
    into alvie or tv series as well!! Hope it's movies!!
    It'd b awesome!!!

  14. Anonymous11/12/2009

    Im a sucker for vampiree books 2
    lookin foward 2 read thiii onee
    hopee i likee iit=]

  15. Anonymous11/19/2009

    i just got it yesterday and i love it alreadt after just reading the first one. yea love vampire book and i have read every single one i think for tight now.( evernyt, stargazer, house of nyt, twilight saga, angels and demon, vampire kisses, night world series) if any one think of other book im forgetting and would love the suggestions for me go ahead. i love to read and i love anything that is vampires and fantasy books.

  16. Anonymous11/23/2009

    i have read all the Twilight sagas, house of nights, blue bloods, night world,and thirst.a book you should try is morganville vampires so far i read 1,2,and 3.its really good. i love all these books and just went to see newmoon the movie it was good Taylor is so hott

  17. this is a brilliant book! i just finished it in 5 days and i was completely addicted!
    most vampire books lately have been crud. nothing good really, until i saw this. i decided to get another book (The Van Alen Legacy in the Blue Bloods series. GREAT series!) and i told my friend about this one, many ppl have read it and all love it.
    the whole idea is great and puts a hard core, sexy spin on vampires that's tantalizing, while adding how really Vampires have come about and how they're so strong and ect. The book also has stories of love and learning. It's well written and simply amazing! i HIGHLY recommend!

  18. Anonymous2/02/2010

    The Girl on the cover looks like taylor swiftt !!!!! Lol i bought it because of that and im happy that you say good things about it! :)

  19. Anonymous2/09/2010

    Ive read "thirst" number 1 and 2. They are ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! I have also read Vampire Diaries, The House of Night and basically every vampire book possible. But, I really recommend the two I listed about...they are great! Tell me what you think of "thirst". What I liked about it was that it's not your typical vampire book. Yes, it does have romance, but no, it is not all mushy. It is intense, and suspenseful and honestly you will not be able to put the book down!!

  20. Anonymous2/14/2010

    I have read the twlight saga, was very good but vampire acadomy has been the bast so far.

  21. Anonymous2/18/2010

    I have to agree with the last comment read, I think every vampire book out there, and Vampire Academy was really one of the best series. Im just finishing Thirst no.2 and would recommend them if you dont mind blood and gore

  22. Anonymous2/18/2010

    I think this book was well written but after Part 1 was finished with the book. I thought the fight scenes got dragged out. I think Christopher Pike shoud have made part one a book and part two a diffrent book. I love fantasy books, which goes along the lines of vampire books, But i belive these books well written and all just to long and a bit over discriptive.

  23. Anonymous3/06/2010

    i love theas books. they are completly amazing. im addicted to them

  24. Anonymous3/06/2010

    Thease are grate books. i love christpher pike. he is a great aurther. i love vampire books. if you are looking for a grate read i suggest that you read thease books. you will fall in love with them. i promis you that from the bottom of my heart.

  25. Anonymous3/08/2010

    so far house of night has been my fav! i also really loved vampire diaries! the 4th book is out soon and i cant wait! vampire diaries was good and also the immortal series..anything from p.c cast and l.j smith i recommend. true blood series, and wicked lovely books are awesome, and also the book fallen was GREAT!!

  26. Anonymous3/12/2010

    just read both thirst 1 and 2 they were really good! i'm a HUGE twilight fan and thought i would try another vampire series. i have 2 say 2 me i don't think i will ever read a series that would compare 2 twilight. but thirst is def books worth reading!

  27. Anonymous3/19/2010

    I love a good book I can sink my teeth into :). I've read so many vamp books sometimes they start blending together. Have read all of those listed above, and so far they all have been great. The Morganville series is a great read, and so is the Night World.

  28. Anonymous3/29/2010

    this one book its not vampires but its troubled kids and the title is THE SUMMONING its awesome!!!

    I also loves house of night and morganville yu,mmmmmmm

  29. Anonymous4/12/2010

    I love vampire books 2 the max i've read the twilight series,the vampire diaries
    thirst and the house of night series
    (the best of all)all in the last two months
    and im about to sink my to teeth
    into the vampire accademy while waiting
    on the 4th vampire diaries
    series to come out
    i suggest
    that u should read the house of night series trust me especially
    since im only 12...realy

  30. Anonymous4/15/2010

    omg im just stuck into the vamp series and cant stop! especially the house of night books. i cant wait 4 burned 2 come out!!!!

  31. Anonymous5/11/2010

    i am into all the fantasy books i can get my hands on, i have read Twilight, morgainville vamires, house of night, sookie stakehouse series. evermore, wicked,fallen, hush hush, and so many more... I cant get enough of them all/

  32. Anonymous5/18/2010

    i love fantasy books they give you a place to escape to when bored.mad,sad

  33. Anonymous5/20/2010

    this book is awesome

  34. Anonymous6/05/2010

    I am reading the first thirst book as i type, i LOVE it!!and i think it would be even better if they turned it into a movie! if it was made into a movie..... it would probably get a lot of fans (maybe even like twilight.)

  35. Anonymous6/06/2010

    How many books are in (or will be)in the series???


  36. Anonymous6/11/2010

    hmmmmmm i'm not sure..... but i hope there will be a lot more, i love the thirst books

  37. Jazz Maiden6/11/2010

    i really think thirst should become a movie :) it would attract a lot of fans, because everyone is into the 'vampire' theme. i would also really love to be involved with thirst if it becomes a movie, because i love acting and thirst is a great thriller, love lust, and mysterious book.

  38. Anonymous8/07/2010

    im on the second book, im young, and smart and have a longer attention span than most of my friends, and this book, is on my top 10 books tht i love, as number 1, and i cant wait to finish this one, and get to the third

  39. lucy_in_furs8/13/2010

    I read the Last Vampire Series when I was in Junior High. Pike definitely started my love of vampires, and of fiction. I had all the original books but when I saw the new shiny re-releases on the shelf last year, I was very pleased to be able to replace the old copies. They felt more grown up than Pike's classic, Neon-scripted covers. I am slightly skeptical about a third novel though. I am a purist at heart, and the original series was so wonderfully finished at the end of Creatures of Forever. I'm concerned that Pike will re use this wonderful character in a attempt to ride the Vampire fad gravy train, and in the process, hurt the strength of the original story. Thoughts?

  40. Anonymous9/02/2010

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  41. Anonymous12/07/2010

    As most of you have already agreed i am also a sucker for Vampire and fantasy books. I read The Whole Twilight Saga and Prophecy of the Sisters (Reallly Good Books!!) But now i am really excited to read these books!!

  42. Anonymous1/08/2011


  43. i recently finished reading the first one, and i'm halfway through the second. at this rate, i don't think i'll be able to wait until summer!

  44. Anonymous7/25/2011

    wow! i started reading this book and i didn't want to put it down! it was amazingly good! and it still is! i cant wait to go to the book store again to by thirst 2, and no. 3, and 4. they seem pretty amazing by just reading the first book. i hope they stay that way because sometimes the first books are always good but then the next books are like yeah, it was okay, not amazingly like the 1rst. but so far the first book is mazingly awesome!
    there arent that many vampire books that are that good anymore, but this one is reallt, really, REALLY good. and if anyones interested in watching an amazingly good vmpire show, then go on the CW channel every thursday night at 8 pm and a show called THE VAMPIRE DIARIES is on and let me tell you... its pretty damn good!




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