Upcoming Release: The Life of Glass

The Life of Glass
By: Jillian Cantor

Pub date: March 2010

Before he died, Melissa’s father told her about stars. He told her that the brightest stars weren’t always the most beautiful—that if people took the time to look at the smaller stars, if they looked with a telescope at the true essence of the star, they would find real beauty. But even though Melissa knows that beauty isn’t only skin deep, the people around her don’t seem to feel that way. There’s her gorgeous sister Ashley who will barely acknowledge Melissa at school, there's her best friend Ryan, who may be falling in love with the sophisticated Courtney, and there’s Melissa’s mother who’s dating someone new, someone who Melissa knows will never be able to replace her father.

To make sure she doesn’t lose her father completely, Melissa spends her time trying to piece together the last of his secrets and completing a journal her father began—one about love and relationships and the remarkable ways people find one another. But when tragedy strikes, Melissa has to start living and loving in the present, as she realizes that being beautiful on the outside doesn't mean you can't be beautiful on the inside.

summary from goodreads.com

I'm super excited for this one. I loved Jillian's debut novel, The September Sisters and this one sounds just as meaningful and beautiful as her first.


  1. This one sounds really great!

    I see you're reading TMI, enjoy! I thought it was really neat. :)

  2. Anonymous6/05/2009

    Thanks Robin_titan! I actually just finished TMI yesterday, I really liked it. :D




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