Top Five Young Adult Boys

I've seen this around a few blogs already. I'm not sure whom I should give credit to exactly but I've seen the following people credited in other blog posts . Trish Doller, Jordyn, and Khy.

My Top Five YA Boys

1. Wes Baker (The Truth About Forever: Sarah Dessen)
Wes will always be my favourite. No matter how many books I read with other great YA boys, Wes remains #1. I really can't pinpoint why I like him, he's just a great character as a whole. Really, I appreciate that he's sensitive, understanding, artistic and able to see the real beauty in everything. Sarah Dessen is a genius.

2. Dexter Jones (This Lullaby: Sarah Dessen)
I absolutely love Dexter. He's quirky, funny, awkward, and kind of dorky. He's also the biggest sweetheart and I can't help but love him.

3. Alex Fuentes (Perfect Chemistry: Simone Elkeles)
On the surface, he has that whole bad boy thing going on while underneath, he's really a lot more then that. I challenge you to read Perfect Chemistry and not fall of Alex. He is amazing.

4. Cameron Quick (Sweethearts: Sara Zarr)
Cameron is very mysterious. While I was reading Sweethearts, I was constantly wondering what was going on in his head. He has quite a past and you can't help but sympathize with him.

5. Luke Preston (The Book of Luke: Jenny O'Connell)
Luke is another one of those bad boys who under the surface is a lot more. What I like about him however, is that he isn't perfect. You learn to appreciate him, flaws and all.


  1. I am so with you on Wes. He;s at the top of my lit crush list just because he is so mysterious, and deep, and artistic, and idk how else to describe it but, hot :-D
    Luke is also one of my faves. He has an awesome sense of humor!

  2. Wes is amazing. I love how symbolic his actions are. That, coupled with hot gorgeous he is makes him yummmyy.

  3. I know none of these :(

  4. i must agree with your list! i love them ol! thogh i havent read SWEETHEARTS AND PERFECT CHEMISTRY.
    i love wes, dexter,and luke!




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