What's On Your Desk Wednesday?

I was tagged by Lexi to participate in What's on your desk Wednesday? Now, I checked the rules and I don't have any books on my desk at all so, instead of my desk, I took pictures of my bookshelf. :)

This is one section of my bookshelf. I recently organized it this past weekend so it's pretty clean. Actually, I organize it a lot. I'm a little bit compulsive when it comes to books and having them organized haha.

And as you can see I'm currently reading I Know It's Over as well as Courage in Patience.

Another section of my bookshelf with my cute little stuffed animal. I use little Post it stickers to keep track of what I still need to read. That's what those little things on the spine of the book are. ;)

And finally, a better view of most of my bookshelf.

5 Book Things:
1. Along for the Ride
2. Twilight series
3. Willow
4. The September Sisters
5. Going Too Far

5 Non Book Things:
1. Owl piggy bank
2. Stuffed animal
3. Tiara
4. "Dream" word thingy
5. Dancing figurines

Tag 5 people: ( No pressure. Participate only if you want to.)
1. Lizzy
2. Amy
3. Lizzie
4. Lilibeth
5. vvb32 reads

For info on the rules and more go here



  1. Great pics. I always love looking at people's bookshelves. Yours are so neat and organized!

  2. WOW! Everything's so neat and pretty!!! I envy you. Nice tiara too:-D

  3. Thank you for the tag! Lol, what's with the L names in your tag list? Weird...

  4. You're so neat! I'm trying REALLY hard to neaten my desk so it is at least presentable... Argh. Wish me luck!

  5. Great pics! I love how you have all your MTV books together :)

  6. Also, there is an award for you at my blog!

  7. Oh you've done great, I absolutely love looking at the book shelves of other bloggers! Thanks for participating, I hope you enjoyed it.

    May I add your pics to my What's on Your Desk Wednesday? blog meme Flickr photo set, please? I will credit your pic and add a link back to your blog.

    Take care and thanks again!

    Sassy :)
    What's on Your Desk Wednesday? Bookish Meme!

  8. Anonymous6/18/2009

    Thanks guys! As always, you're all so super nice. <3

    Sassy Brit: Sure! Go right ahead. :D And I really did enjoy it. This was a lot of fun. :)

  9. very tidy...i like the tiara ms. princess :)


  10. the tiara's a nice touch. xD
    Wow, it's all so neat...and in height order too. I'm jealous!

  11. OK, Michell, they are finally up!

    I apologise for the wait - I got a bit muddled! LOL

    Thanks for playing, do join in again.





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