By: Sarah Quigley

Becca's tendency for oversharing-confessing all of her business to anyone willing to listen-never seemed like a problem to her until she gets into serious trouble blabbing about her sweet, band-geek boyfriend's sloppy kisses. Becca wonders: is it better to resist the temptation to talk? Can she break her overshare addiction? And how does someone kick a lifelong TMI habit?

She simply must spill, but rather that overshare face-to-face, Becca decides to blog anonymously about everything instead. On her blog, too much infmormation, Becca unleashes her alter ego, Bella. Bella tells it like it is...although perhaps with a bit more drama. After all, no one she knows is actually going to read it, right?

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My Rating: 4/5

I really didn't know what to expect from this book. It was one of those I wanted to read but wasn't extremely eager to purchase just yet. I ended up buying it online on a whim so I could get free shipping (why pay for shipping when you can just buy another book right?) I have to say however, that I'm really happy I purchased Tmi when I did because it was so so good.

This book is hilarious. Becca is wildly entertaining throughout the entire novel. The things she comes up with for her blog and her constant thoughts are really fun to read. The side characters are also very entertaining, especially Becca's three year old brother, Nathan who refuses to wear clothes when at home and likes to ask male guest about their um... parts. This novel was enjoyable through and through. There really isn't anything that I disliked about it.

One thing I have to mention is the fact that even though this novel is humorous and fun, it still has a realistic side. I've read a lot of fun light novels that end up being cliche in some way or another but with Tmi, that wasn't the case. There's a good balance between humor and reality.


  1. Thank you posting this, it sounds really good! And I think I'm going to end up buying it because I couldn't resist.

  2. Now, I'm definitely adding this to my order. Thanx!

  3. Anonymous6/08/2009

    glad to read your positive review. i have this one waiting in my tbr pile. looking forward to it.




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