Sunday Wrap Up

Again, I know it's not Sunday haha but like I mentioned in the post below this one, my internet was not working all weekend so I couldn't update.

Last week, I received an award from Alley at Sarcastic Humour and Chewed Up Pen Caps. Thanks a bunch Alley! =D

So far, I've nominated a bunch of other blogs for this award and I'm running out of nominees haha. So I'm only going to nominate the two blogs that come to my mind at this exact moment.

My Nominees:
1. The Tainted Poet
2. The Book Pixie

Two relatively new new book bloggers who are doing a great job so far and deserve a little shout out. Congrats you two!

Also, I now have 40 followers which is just so cool. Thanks so much to everyone who follows, it's so eerie to think that 40 people actually care about my reviews haha. It's also really gratifying so thanks a bunch!


  1. OMG! Thanks so much Michelle! I left Eli a message in her chat box telling her to come to your page. I didn't say why though. Won't she be surprised! Thanks again!

  2. Ahh!! Thank you so much Michelle! You have no idea how much this means to me. (and yes Book Pixie, I am surprised!!) Thank you again (and again!)




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