Upcoming Release: Crash Test Love

Crash Test Love
By: Ted Michael

Pub date: June 8th, 2010

The last thing Henry Arlington wants is a girlfriend. He's just very, very good with girls—reading their body language, knowing what they want to hear, and more importantly: getting them into the backseat of his car. But all that changes when he meets Garrett Lennox at one of the many Sweet Sixteen parties he crashes.

Garrett thinks she's done with guys. She was dumped by her ex when she moved from Chicago to Long Island, and now she realizes that she needs to find out who she is by herself, instead of with a boyfriend. What she really needs is some good friends.

Fortunately for Garrett, the J Squad—the "it" girls of East Shore High School—want her in their clique. All she has to do is pass one little test: get East Shore god Henry Arlington to take her to one of the biggest Sweet Sixteens of the year, then dump him in front of everyone.

Garrett has promised herself not to fall for another guy, so playing with Henry's heart shouldn't be hard. Right?

And Henry doesn't fall for girls, so when he and Garrett start to click, it doesn't matter. Does it?

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Thanks to Eleni for bringing this book to my attention. :)  I am a sucker for romance and stories that centre around unexpected relationships. I'm really looking forward to this one.


  1. I love the sound of this one! Eleni sure found a good one! Thanks for sharing, :)

  2. This one could be very good!!!

  3. I will defiently have to read this!! I just wanna say I LOVE this blog...I'm a big reader myself and you have helped me find some books that are now on my favorites list...Thanks Michelle!

  4. :O!! I'm excited!!! This sounds like my kind of read ;)

  5. Wow, it sounds really good. It also sounds similar to The Book of Luke by Jenny O'Connell and the movie John Tucker Must Die.

  6. Ohh, this sounds good!

  7. I love the sound of this book. Something like gossip girl but different. :)

    The cover is fun!!

  8. Anonymous2/05/2010

    Thanks so much Sarah!! I'm glad my blog had helped you find some reading material! :D




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