Book Covers

I've always wanted to do a post like this seeing as I'm kind of obsessed with book covers. I think we all admire them to a certain extent. After all, they're the first thing we see before picking up a book and they're goal is to draw you in and catch your attention. I thought it would be cool to show you a guys what a few pictures looked like before they were turned into book covers.

Almost Perfect

I really love this cover. I like how the lipstick is smudged and how it ties into the title. I always like it when faces are blurred out or not entirely visible because it lets you imagine the character on  your own.

 I Know It's Over

There are next to no differences with this cover. I really enjoy the simplicity though.


I think this cover is fantastic. I love the added sparkles as well as the text placement.

Perfect Chemistry

I don't think a better picture could have been found. I love how the book cover added tattoos and they also changed what look to be hair elastics on the girl's wrist in the original, into a diamond bracelet for the cover.  They also changed the grass to concrete. One of my favourite covers for sure.


  1. I really like this post, they def. made the Perfect Chemistry cover better!

  2. The finished copy of Wintergirls looks a lot better than the original image! Pretty cool post : )

  3. That is so cool how you have the pictures before they became covers!

    I love the Wintergirls cover :D

  4. I like that one of Wintergirls! That one is soo beautiful and haunting in a way!

    I like this post, please do it often. :)




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