Upcoming Release: Lark/Miles From Ordinary

By: Tracey Porter

Pub date: May 11th, 2011

When sixteen-year-old Lark Austin is kidnapped from her Virginia hometown and left for dead in a snowy forest, she leaves behind two girls who are shocked by the loss of their former friend. At the same time Eve must face the hole left by Lark’s absence, she also can’t shake the guilt that Lark’s death was her fault. Meanwhile, Nyetta is haunted by Lark’s ghost, who comes through the bedroom window and begs Nyetta to set her soul free. Eve and Nyetta realize it is their responsibility to uncover why Lark is trapped in limbo, but only by coming together to find the missing pieces of themselves can they bring peace to Lark.

Told in alternating sections by each of the three heroines, Tracey Porter’s stunning narrative about love and loss demonstrates that forgiveness can never come too late.

summary from goodreads.com
I really like the whole premise for this one. It sounds interesting and I like that it's told through the perspective of all three girls. I'm always drawn to books where there has been a loss of some sort and the remainding characters are left to piece their lives back together.

Miles From Ordinary
By: Carol Lynch Williams

Pub date: March 15th, 2011

Thirteen-year-old Lacey wakes to a beautiful summer morning excited to begin her new job at the library, just as her mother is supposed to start work at the grocery store. Lacey hopes that her mother's ghosts have finally been laid to rest; after all, she seems so much better these days, and they really do need the money. But as the hours tick by and memories come flooding back, a day full of hope spins terrifyingly out of control....

summary from macmillian.com

The summary doesn't give all that much away which works in its favour because well, now I am very curious. ;) I like that it takes place in one single day and I wonder as to what spins so terrifyingly out of control.


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