By: Thomas Fahy

Emma Montgomery is having trouble sleeping. Every time she falls asleep, she sees horrible, gruesome things in her dreams- and when she wakes up, she isn't sure where she was when she fell asleep. And she's not alone. Her friends are starting to have the nightmares too.

And that's when the murders start.

First one kid dies in a car crash, his brakes mysteriously cut. Then another girl washes up dead on the beach. The deaths match the nightmares, and Emma and her friends must confront the awful truth- something is making them kill in their sleep. Now they're in a race against time to keep themselves awake and figure out what's going on- before someone else turns up dead.

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My Rating: 3/5

What attracted me to Sleepless is the fact that it sounded very much like a horror movie. Turns out that it reads like one too which was my favourite aspect of this book. I picked Sleepless up because I wanted to read something creepy and twisted. Being a bit of a masochist, I am someone from a select few group of people who enjoys a good scare. My favourite time to read this book was right before bed, when it was completely dark outside MUAHAHAHA. It was deliciously creepy.

In all seriousness though, Sleepless is a definite page turner. I for one was eager to find out what was happening to Emma and her friends and read this book fairly quickly as a result of my morbid curiosity. I'll admit that I was in the dark for pretty much the entirety of this book (no pun intended). The plot was unlike anything I'd read or watched before and so I really had no idea who or what to suspect and so on which is a good thing. There's nothing worse than being a short distance into a book or a movie and coming to the conclusion that you know exactly what's happening and what is to come. Who likes that? I know I don't prefer it which is why Sleepless keeping things under-wraps and well contained within a lot of action was a good thing. There was so much going on that I didn't really even have the time to just try and assess what was happening.

Plot wise, I have no complaints. The characters on the other hand were just okay. Now, I didn't read this book for great character development etc. I read it for the story, the plot which is I feel, its main intention. Sure, it delves into the lives of the characters somewhat more so Emma and Jake, the two more stationary characters but aside from that, I honestly felt as if they could have been anyone and it wouldn't have affected the story all that much or me, the reader. I did really like Lily and Duncan (two of the supporting characters) mostly because I liked their relationship and the slight emphasis placed upon it.

Overall: If you like a good creepy story with an interesting take on things, I recommend Sleepless. It is a quick and entertaining read that will sustain your attention the whole way through. Don't forget to read it in the dark if you decide to give it a go. ;)


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