New Releases: July 2010

Above are three of the novels being released in July 2010

New In June 2010:
1. Forget You/Jennifer Echols/July 20th
2. Shadow Hills/Anastasia Hopcus/July 13th
3. One Night That Changes Everything/Lauren Barnholdt/July 6th
5.  Linger (The Wolves Of Mercy Falls, #2)/Maggie Stiefvater/July 13th
6. Siren/Tricia Rayburn/July 13th
7. Blindsided/Priscilla Cummings/July 8th
8. The Grimm Legacy/Polly Shulman/July 8th
10. The Education Of Bet/Lauren Baratz-Logsted/July 12th
11. Crossing The Tracks/Barbara Stuber/July 6th
12. Perfectly Dateless/Kristin Billerbeck/July 1st
13. Other/Karen Kincy/July 1st
14. Jealousy ( A Strange Angels Novel, #3)/Lili. St Crow/July 29th
15. Love Sucks/Melissa McKenzie Francis/July 27th
16. Fortune/Megan Cole/July 8th
17. Echos/Melinda Metz/July 27th
18. Take Me There/ Carolee Dean/July 20th
19. Paisley Hanover Kisses And Tells/Cameron Tuttle/July 8th
20. Beautiful Malice/Rebecca James/July 13th
21. Sleepless/Cyn Balog/July 13th
22. Watch Me/Lauren Barnholdt/July 6th
23. Indigo Blues/Danielle Joseph/July 1st
24. Life, After/Sarah Littman/July1st
25. Over The Moon/Diane Daniels/July 27th
26. What's Your Status? ( A Top 8 Novel)/Katie Finn/July 1st


  1. YAY July! I couldn't even believe it when I received an ARC of Forget You today nor when I won a hardcover of Shadow Hills yesterday. I'm all jumping happy! But another one that I'm REALLY antecipating since I heard of it is Siren. I super want to read it!

    Thank you very much for listing all these books, Michelle. :)

  2. Yay, Jennifer Echols! Omggg, these are such amazing books. I'm practically drooling. Gosh, how I wish I could get all of these.

  3. so many great books being released this to choose?

  4. There are a couple on my wishlist and a few I havent heard of before until I saw your list.

  5. So many that are on my wishlist. :)




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