New Releases: April 2010

Above are three of the novels being released in April 2010

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New In April 2010:
1. Guardian Of The Dead/Karen Healey/April 1st
2. Three Rivers Rising/Jame Richards/April 13th
3. For Keeps/Natasha Friend/April 6th
4. Swoon At Your Own Risk/Sydney Salter/April 5th
5. At First Sight/Catherine Hapka/April 6th
6. The Exile Of Gigi Lane/Adrienne Maria Vrettos/April 6th
7. Gimme A Call/Sarah Mlynowski/April 27th
8. The World We Live In (Moon, #3)/Susan Beth Pfeffer/April 1st
9. The Clearing/Heather Davis/April 12th
10. Thirteen Days To Midnight/Patrick Carman/April 12th
11. A Golden Web/Barbara Quick/April 6th
12. Rich And Mad/William Nicholson/April 5th
13. Inside Out/Maria V. Snyder/April 1st
14. Crossing/Andrew Fukuda/April 27th
15. Revolver/Marcus Sedgwick/April 13th
16. Paper Daughter/Jeanette Ingold/April 12th
17. The Complete History Of Why I Hate Her/Jennifer Richard Jacobson/April 27th
18. Will Grayson, Will Grayson/John Green, David Levithan/April 6th
19. Efrain's Secret/Sofia Quintero/April 13th
20. Choppy Socky Blues/Ed Briant/April 1st
21. The Alpha Bet/Stephanie Hale/April 1st
22. The Knife That Killed Me/Anthony McGowan/April 13th
23. Palace Beautiful/Sarah Deford Williams/April 15th
25. Swapped By A Kiss/Luisa Plaja/April 1st
26. My Invisible Boyfriend/Susie Day/April 1st
27. Whisper/Phoebe Kitanidis/April 27th
29. The Karma Club/Jessica Brody/April 27th
30.The Cinderella Society/Kay Cassidy/April 13th
31. Party/Tom Leveen/April 27th
32. It's Not Summer Without You (#2)/Jenny Han/April 27th
33. The Reckoning (Darkest Powers, #3)/Kelley Armstrong/April 6th
34. Bruned (House Of Night, #7)/P.C. Cast, Kristin Cast/April 27th
35. Radiant Shadows (Wicked Lovely, #4)/Melissa Marr/April 20th
I know I usually compile a little graphic of all the covers but I recently changed my internet and I don't have unlimited downloading anymore. Seeing as last month I already went over my monthly limit, I don't want to risk it this month again with having to download all these book covers. Instead, I linked them all to goodreads so you can see what the covers look like and so on. I hope that's alright. :)

April is an awesome month for books!


  1. Wow, thanks for putting this list together! It's nice to see all the books coming out in one place. Got it saved to my favorites so I can come back. :)

  2. Anonymous4/09/2010

    You're more than welcome Jami. ;D




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