Friday's Finest

Friday's Finest is a new meme hosted by Steff & Justine from A Bookful of Thoughts.


~Post a quote that really stuck to you after reading it in a book.
~Make sure it isn't a spoiler!
~If you'd like, expand on what you think it means and why you chose it

"Laurie would tell you that she's scared. She's afraid that she won't get into the right school, or that she and Adrian will have to go to different schools. And I'm not saying that those fears aren't real for her, but with me it's something different. I'm more afraid that maybe I'll get into the right school, maybe after that I'll get the right job, and that from the outside everything will look great, but I'll never really do anything, or think anything special. And even if it all looks good on the surface, I'll know I've failed, and not at something unimportant like school, but at life."

Willow by Julia Hoban

I really enjoy this meme. I come across a handful of quotes that I just love while reading and I usually don't know how or where to share them etc. This meme lets me do that. :) This weeks quote is a little long but it really spoke to me.


  1. This is such a cute idea!!! What a great quote!

  2. Great idea...I already have a blog where I post quotes from books that have touched me in some way.

  3. I love this meme too :) Which just reminded me I forgot to post mine!

  4. Loving the meme idea! And you picked a fantastic quote, really meaningul! I must read Willow asap!

  5. Thanks for participating! :)

    Oh wow. I've always wanted to read Willow...and this quote made it move way up on my wishlist.
    It's really interesting, this quote. I think the character is saying how she's afraid that she'll be living life...but not really living it. I think. Ah. I could relate to this Laurie character better though. Hehe.

  6. This meme is great Michelle! Willow sounds
    fantastic! I can't wait to read it.

  7. It is a fun meme and I liked the quote. The book sounds now even more amazing.




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