Upcoming Release: Tell Us We're Home

Tell Us We're Home
By: Marina Budhos

Pub date: May 1st, 2010

Jaya, Maria, and Lola are just like the other eighth-grade girls in the wealthy suburb of Meadowbrook, New Jersey. They want to go to the spring dance, they love spending time with their best friends after school, sharing frapp├ęs and complaining about the other kids. But there’s one big difference: all three are daughters of maids and nannies. And they go to school with the very same kids whose families their mothers work for.

That difference grows even bigger—and more painful—when Jaya’s mother is accused of theft and Jaya’s small, fragile world collapses.   When tensions about immigrants start to erupt, fracturing this perfect, serene suburb, all three girls are tested, as outsiders—and as friends. Each of them must learn to find a place for themselves in a town that barely notices they exist.

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I don't usually read books where characters are younger than fourteen but I really like the sound of this one. Plus, eighth grade isn't that far off from ninth grade so it's all good. ;)


  1. Sounds good, I usually don't read books under 14 either but this might be an exception.

  2. Cute cover and it sounds really interesting! I feel the same way about reading books with younger characters.

  3. I like the cover! And I agree with usually not reading books with characters under 14 y.o. but I may give this one a try...It does sound interesting. :)

  4. I want to read this one!!!

  5. This sounds very interesting. I have a 9th grader so it might be good research for me.

  6. This sounds great! Yeah eighth graders are usually the cut off line for me. Thanks for sharing :)




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