New Releases: March 2010

Above are some of the novels being released in March 2010

New In March 2010:
1. The Dead-Tossed Waves/Carrie Ryan/March 9th
2. The Body Finder/Kimberly Derting/March16th
3. Every Little Thing In The World/Nina de Gramont/March 23rd
4. Flirting With Disaster,(#2 )/Rhonda Stapleton/March 9th
5. Forget- Her- Nots/Amy Brecount White/March 2nd
6. Broadway Lights: (Secrets Of My Hollywood Life, #5)/Jen Calonita/March 3rd
7. Brightly Woven/Alexandra Bracken/March 23rd
8. The Returners/Gemma Malley/March 2nd
9. Scandal (Private, #11)/ Kate Brian/March 9th
10. Saving Maddie/Varian Johnson/March 9th
11. Sing Me To Sleep/Angela Morrison/March 2nd
12. The Sky Is Everywhere/Jandy Nelson/March 9th
13. Snowball Effect/Holly Nicole Hoxter/March 23rd
14. The Line/Teri Hall/March 4th
15. Tagged/Mara Purnhagen/March 1st
16. The Unwritten Rule/Elizabeth Scott/March 16th
17. Anastasia's Secret/Susanne Dunlap/March 2nd
18. The Sight/(Judy Blundell)Jude Watson/March 1st
19. Before I Fall/Lauren Oliver/March 2nd
20. Princess For Hire/Lindsey Leavitt/March 16th
21. Shadow Of The Moon (Dark Guardian, #4)/Rachel Hawthorne/March 23rd
22. The Vampire Diaries:The Return:The Nightfall/L.J. Smith/March 16th
23. Hourglass (Evernight, #3)/Claudia Gray/March 9th
24.Happyface/Stephen Emond/March 1st
25. Hex Hall/Rachel Hawkins/March 2nd
26: These Boots Are Made For Stalking (The Clique #12)/Lisi Harrison/March 9th
27. The Six Rules Of Maybe/ Deb Caletti/March 16th


  1. These look good! I am especially interested in The Six Rules of Maybe.

  2. So many books I want to read are coming out this month. Wish I could buy all of them!

  3. Wow so many great books come out this month!

  4. Such amazing books coming out this month.... thanks for taking the time to compile this! Although I admit, my credit card is giving a particularly nasty glare but, eh.

  5. Looking forward to reading Shadow of The Moon by Rachel Hawthorne. March looks like it's going to be a really good book month.

  6. Oh wow, there are lots of books coming out! THIS IS MY FAVE MONTH! Cause of my birthday :D Hehe. And we get a week off from school. *happy sigh*

  7. Thanks for this post, so helpful! A lot of the time I don't even realize how many books are coming out :)

  8. Awesome releases for March! I'm super excited
    for quite a few of them =)

  9. What a great list! I'll definitely be checking out a lot of them. :)

  10. goody for dead tossed waves. looking forward to that one!




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