Deb Caletti: Cover Revamp

I have a fascination with book covers and I know a lot of you guys do as well so I thought I'd feature these Deb Caletti cover revamps. :)

What do you all think? I personally like the new revamp. Everything looks really organized and pretty and I love the new text. My favourite new covers are Wild Roses and The Secret Life Of Prince Charming which of course was the original cover for For Keeps. I'm happy some book is utilizing that pretty picture.

Feel free to visit Deb Caletti's official website which has also had a recent makeover to match these lovely covers. It contains a lot of cool content on her books, ideas, and characters.


  1. The majority of the times I like the new ones :)

  2. I like the majority of the newbies! Especially Wild Roses,

  3. I'm split down the middle on these!

  4. I love your fascination with covers, keep em coming.

    I like most of the new covers, hope it sparks some interest with new fans.

    I'm pretty sure the image used for Secret Life is also the cover of another YA book that came out pretty recently. I hate when that happens.

  5. I like the covers on the right. So all the revamps are wonderful. They did a great job changing the covers. I think lots of people will buy them now.

  6. I agree, I like the new ones better. I've not read this author though and so should put her on my list!




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