In My Mailbox 27

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Ugh, my bank account hates me. D: There are soo many good books being released this month though...there's still a few more I need to purchase. I've already finished reading Before I Fall & WOW. I will elaborate later on today in an actual review haha. In the mean time, I have a mid-term to study for. (insert groan here)

Happy reading everyone! :D


  1. Great books! Looking forward to your review of Before I Fall :D

  2. Aw! Before I Fall and Sing Me To Sleep are both on the top of my wishlist! I hope you LOVE all of them (so much). I'll be looking forward your review on BIF. :)

  3. Awesome books! The Line, BIF, and VA all rock. Sing me To sleep looks so great,

    *my bank account hates me too, lol. It's getting difficult to pick and choose which books to buy!

  4. OOh I really fancy The Line and Sing me to sleep - they both look fab! I loved Before I fall too - looking forward to you review for it:) Happy reading:)

  5. Wow, great week! The Line is on my wishlist, and the VA boxset looks lovely. Enjoy :)

  6. Omg wow you got some really great books! I can't
    wait to read Before I Fall. Looking forward to your
    review. I also want to read Sing Me To Sleep, and The
    Line sounds pretty interesting!
    Happy reading! =)

  7. Great books! I loved Before I Fall, The Naughty List, and Sing Me to Sleep :) Enjoy!

  8. My credit card is very angry with me too as I put it under far too much strain and the poor thing can barely handle it, but I honestly can't help myself so I feel your pain. The temptation of shiny promising new books is just too much to take!
    Well, judging by this post, at least your money was well spent! I can't wait for your review of Before I Fall (I also LOVED it) and I'll also be reading Sing Me to Sleep soon (hopefully). I find The Naughty List very tempting, but I've been resisting it successfully so far, hehe!
    ps: Loving the layout you used for IMM, very nicely designed and pretty!

  9. Great books, The Line and Before I Fall = amazing. I want to read the River so bad. Happy Reading!

  10. ooo, good stuff. i still have to work through my box set of vampire academy.

  11. lucky one! there are really great books in your mailbox




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