Upcoming Release: Gone, Gone, Gone

Gone, Gone, Gone
By: Hannah Moskowitz

Pub date: 2012

Craig, for the first time in nearly a year, wakes up in Silver Spring, Maryland on October 2nd, 2002 to a house devoid of chirping, barking, and mewing. Between twilight and daylight, somehow his entire menagerie escaped. All the animals that he'd collected since his old boyfriend was dragged away to the psych ward. Gone.

Lio, the post-cancer kid transfer student from New York City, doesn't like to talk. But he does like Craig. His new therapist says he's "a little fucked up." Craig just says, if he has the time, could he help him put up posters?

At 5:20 PM, when their stack of posters is about halfway out and Lio surprises Craig with a kiss, the sniper shootings begin.

Ten people died in the D.C. sniper shootings. This is the story of two of the boys who didn't. 

summary from goodreads.com 

I know what you're thinking... 2012?! But I just had to post about this one. Not only does the concept sound great but I am a huge fan of Hannah's first novel Break and really look forward to reading more from her.


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