Sneak Peek Saturday: So Much Closer

So Much Closer
By: Susane Colasanti

Pub date: May 3rd, 2011

Scott Abrams is the love of Brooke’s life. He just doesn’t know it yet. So when his family moves to New York City the summer before senior year, Brooke has no choice but to follow Scott. It’s her last chance to prove to him that they’re meant to be together.

But the city is full of surprises that Brooke never expected. Ever since a painful family trauma, she’s been closed off to her parents, to her friends, and even to herself. Now, inspired by the thrilling energy of the bustling and creative city around her, Brooke starts to explore her talents and become someone she never dreamed she’d be.

So what will she do when her greatest dream of love finally comes true . . . and instead, she wants something more?

Chapter One

Today I’m telling Scott Abrams that I’m in love with him. 

Sometimes I think that if he knew, he would admit he feels the same way. Other times I think he would laugh in my face so hard I would never get over it. 


It could be so easy. Just go up to him, tell him, and see what happens. Put it all out there. Finally know how he feels about me. 

It would probably be easier if he knew I existed. 

The hope that Scott Abrams could like me back has kept me going for two years. It’s like this energy I live on. The idea of being with him is almost more exciting than being with him for real. But of course I want to turn this fantasy into reality. 

The thing is, he’s never noticed me. Saying sorry because he accidentally bumped into me in the hall last year doesn’t count. So telling him that I know we belong together is probably a crazy thing to do. 

I guess I’m crazy then. Because I’m doing it anyway...
To read the remainder of this excerpt you can do so here. For more on Susane and her other novels you can visit her official website and or blog!

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