New Releases: September 2010

Above are four of the novels being released in September 2010

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New In September 2010:
1. Torment (Fallen, #2)/Lauren Kate/Sept 28th (REVIEW)
2. Dark Water/ Laura McNeal/Sept 14th
3. Almost True/Keren David/Sept 2nd
4. The Frenzy/Francesca Lia Block/Sept 28th (REVIEW)
6. It Started With A Dare/Lindsay Faith Rech/Sept 13th
8. The Duff/Kody Keplinger/Sept 7th
9. Confessions Of The Sullivan Sisters/Natalie Standiford/Sept 1st
10. ReVamped (Vamped, #2)/Lucienne Diver/Sept 1st
11. The Secret Of Ka/Christopher Pike/Sept 13th
12. When Rose Wakes/Christopher Golden/Sept 28th
13. Not That Kind Of Girl/Siobhan Vivian/Sept 1st
14. King Of Ithaka/Tracy Barrett/Sept 14th
15. Virgin Territory/James Lecesne/Sept 14th
16. Past Midnight/Mara Purnhagen/Sept 1st
17. End Of Days (Night Runner, #2)/ Max Turner/Sept 28th
19. Crave/Melinda Metz, Laura J. Burns/Sept 21st
20. Blood On My Hands/Todd Strasser/Sept 28th
21. Dark Song/Gail Giles/Sept 7th
22. Where The Truth Lies/Jessica Warman/Sept 28th
23. The Kid Table/Andrea Seigel/Sept 14th
25. To Die For (Slumber Party & Weekend)/Christopher Pike/Sept 1st
26. Personal Demons (Personal Demons, #1)/Lisa Desrochers/Sept 14th
27. The Things A Brother Knows/Dana Reinhardt/Sept 14th
28. Jump/Ginger Rue/Sept 14th
29. The Dewpoint Show/Barb Howard/Sept 15th
30. The Ruby Notebook/Laura Resau/Sept 14th
31. The Dead Boys/Royce Buckingham/Sept 2nd
32. Love Drugged/James Klise/Sept 1st
33. The House Of Dead Maids/Clare B. Dunkle, Patrick Arrasmith/Sept 14th
34. Ascendant (Killer Unicorns, #2)/Diana Peterfreund/Sept 28th
35. Grace/Elizabeth Scott/Sept 16th
36. Firelight (Draki, #1)/Sophie Jordan/Sept 7th
37. Extraordinary/Nancy Werlin/Sept 7th
38. Losing Faith/Denise Jaden/Sept 7th
39. Songs For A Teenage Nomad/Kim Culbertson/Sept 1st


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