Contest: Hush, Hush (Quick Reminder)

I just wanted to post a reminder that you still have plenty of time to enter my Hush, Hush contest. I would love you forever if you did. =D  

Click Here (you know you wanna)

The contest is running until Tuesday, September 28th, 2010 and is for those who live in the USA only. If you have a relative or good friend with a USA mailing address who can then forward you the book then by all means, enter away!
(sorry to my brilliantly amazing readers who are not from the USA. I love you all.)

I just wanted to also clarify- because there seems to have been a little bit of confusion for a few- that two lucky winners will win a finished copy of Hush, Hush. Not Crescendo.

Alright, I am done. ;)


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