The Frenzy

The Frenzy
By: Francesca Lia Block

Pub date: September 28th, 2010

Love is a werewolf. Influenced by the moon and terror. And always about to change.

Something terrifying happened to Liv when she was thirteen. Something that changed everything, that made her...different. Now the only time she truly feels herself is when she's with her boyfriend, Corey, and in the woods that surround her town. But danger lurks in the woods, too-and secrets Liv cannot begin to imagine.

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My Rating: 2/5

I was pretty excited when I received this book in the mail for review seeing as I do have a fascination with werewolves and other paranormal elements. Mostly, I was interested to see how the author, Francesca Lia Block would take the topic at hand and mold in into her own. I was also fascinated by the fact the protagonist and character undergoing "the change" is in fact female. Usually, you get male protagonists when dealing with a werewolf theme so I was interested to see how Liv being female would change things, if at all and so on.

Needless to say, I just did not enjoy this book at all. It's not that I didn't find the topic interesting it's just the way it was executed that lacked for me. The Frenzy does a lot of telling and not enough showing. I can't really relate as well and sympathize with a character when you tell me how she feels as opposed to showing me. I like feelings and such to be acted out instead of narrated. In all honesty, I'm not sure if I would have finished this book had it not been for the sheer fact that the lovely people over at Harper Collins were awesome enough to send me a copy of The Frenzy for review. It took a lot of effort to read this book and I  don't think reading should be a hassle, especially not when I love it so much. My main issue with this book is that I just did not care about the characters, not a single one.

I will say that the concept for The Frenzy is quite unique. The author took a familiar topic and changed it up to make it her own. I don't think I've read a werewolf novel that was similar to this one at all. Also, the fact that Liv is female changes this up as well and allows the reader to see certain aspects through a different perspective. Although the plot of this book lacked for me in parts as well I will say that the last chapter was actually quite interesting and probably my favourite of the book. I felt as if things had finally reached a point of interest for me only to have it all draw to a close.

Overall: The Frenzy just wasn't for me. I'd still recommend that you pick this book up if you are a person who has been very much looking forward to its release or are a fan of Francesca Lia Block and her past novels. After all, opinions are subjective and you may still pick this one up and love it. Basically, take this review as you wish. :)
Thanks to Harper Collins for sending me an ARC copy of this novel for review!


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