In My Mailbox 14

Credit for In My Mailbox goes to Pop Culture Junkie and The Story Siren

Okay, so, I have a little blurb to go along with this weeks In My Mailbox post.

First off, thanks a bunch to Yan over at Books By Their Cover! I won a contest a little while back which in itself is amazing because well, I never win anything and this week, the books arrived. (YAY!) I won 5 ARC copies, two of which are shown above (Kiss Of Life & Heartbreak River.) More of this in a second.

I also have to give a huge thank you to Diana over at Stop, Drop, and Read! who brought my 5 books back with her from California to deliver to me personally. (Note to self- read if contests are international before signing up for them in the future.) Thank you soooo much Diana!! She also included a few bookmarks and some other little goodies which are awesome as well.

Okay, now back to Yan's contest. The other 3 ARC books I won are:

The Awakening
Castration Celebration

I didn't list them above because I've already read these. You see, I'm always doing this. I enter a bunch of contests, figure I'll never win anything and then buy books before the winner is announced. In this case, I bought the three books listed above a few weeks before Yan announced a winner. I seriously suck haha. So, the point of me blabbering on for a decade is that I'm going to be giving those three books away. Be sure to look out for that if you're interested. I should have it up soon.

Oh, and Leftovers is from the Library. Alright, I'm done now. ;)


  1. Great books this week. Happy Reading!

  2. Diana was so sweet to get these to you! xD I was stressing on how to pay for them when Diana mentioned that her cousin lived by so here we are LOL

  3. Yes! She is awesome! Sorry about that. Next time I will read the fine print haha. ;D

    And thanks Casey!

  4. Wow great books. I loved Heartbreak River and Kiss Of Life. Also, Leftovers is on my TBR pile. =] Enjoy!

  5. Ah I have Kiss Of Life too. :D
    I'm waiting to read it ... one day ... when all the other books are done. 0_0
    Four years later ...

    Hayyp Reading! :D

  6. Loving your mailbox. I'm so mad because my library doesn't have any of Wiess' books at all!!!

  7. Kiss of Life is brilliant and I've wanted to read Heartbreak River for ages. Happy reading!




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