Book Of The Month: September 2009

September's Book Of The Month Is: Perfect Chemistry

I can't believe I had not already chosen this awesome novel as Book Of The Month in the past. It definitely deserves the title. I can't start talking about Perfect Chemistry without blabbing on for a year and gushing, but if you're interested, you can read my previous review for it here.

Look for the sequel in May 2010 titled Rules Of Attraction. (see post below) It will revolve around Alex's brother Carlos and a still unknown Heroine.


  1. I;m eagerly awaiting rules of attraction-was so excited when I heard there was a sequel! :-D It's such a great book..

  2. OMG yes! I am in love with Perfect Chemistry, I think I might just read it again! It was very addictive and Alex is so suave and sexy rar..

  3. I really want to read this book- it looks amazing!

  4. Anonymous10/13/2009

    Amy: It is a really great book. I'm super excited for the sequel as well. :D

    Eleni: Totally...rar ;)

    Kelsey: You so should, it's amazing!




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