Hardcover vs. Paperback

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I really enjoyed the Hardcover version of The Unwritten Rule. It deals with a forbidden/frowned upon romantic relationship and I think the cover represented that failry well with the hesitant foot touching etc. The paperback version is pretty but it doesn't really say anything about the story.

I have a kind of cool story to tell in connection with Gimme a Call. I first posted about this book on my blog a while before the cover was released and needed a picture to post in conjunction with it as a temporary place holder. Well, I ended up using the photo above with the girl in the puffy skirt, telephone in lap. I was eventually contacted by Wendy Loggia, (editor at Delacorte) asking if I remembered where I had found that photo I'd used a while back when posting about Gimme a Call. I did and so I sent her the photo and Ta-Dah! They used it for the paperback version! Pretty cool right?

What do you guys think? Any preferences?


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