Upcoming Release: The Last Good Place Of Lily Odilon

The Last Good Place of Lily Odilon
By: Sara Beitia

Pub date: October 1st, 2010

We've been over this, he says. We have to get to her first.
I know! Olivia snaps. I'm keeping company with a suspected murderer and I've probably become an accessory at this point, and a runaway besides. So don't tell me what I need to do. I'm doing it.

Lily Odilon—local wild child from a small Idaho town—has vanished after spending the night with her sometimes boyfriend, new kid Albert Morales. Suspected in her disappearance, Albert sets out to discover what happened to her. Kidnapped? Runaway? Murder victim?

Joining Albert is Lily's prickly younger sister, Olivia. Their distress is mirrored in a fastpaced narrative that jumps through three timelines. Each thread adds a new level to the mystery and reveals clues that paint a startling picture of all three teens. Theirintertwined destinies come to a head in an unconventional climax.

summary from goodreads.com

For some reason, I'm always drawn to books where there has been some kind of disappearance. I think it could be because these types of books are usually very suspenseful and exciting to read. Regardless of why, I think The Last Good Place Of Lily Odilon sounds quite good. Flux always publishes really great books.


  1. Oh wow this looks really good. The cover is kind of creepy but it fits the summary perfectly. I can't wait to read this one. =]

  2. Eee this sounds super good! I really like the cover too. I love this feature Michelle, you always share the best books (:

  3. I like disappearance books too! Sounds like a winner.

  4. This is the second time I've heard of this book and I agree, it sounds really good! I agree with Katie, the cover looks kind of creepy but I like it hehe. Great pick Michelle, I'll definitely be looking into this one. =)




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