New Releases: June 2010

Above are three of the novels being released in June 2010

New In June 2010:
1. A Love Story Starring My Dead Best Friend/Emily Horner/June 10th
2. Sister's Red/Jackson Pearce/June 7th
3. The Ghosts Of Ashbury High/Jaclyn Moriarty/June 1st
4. So Many Boys (The Naughty List, #2)/Suzanne Young/June 10th
5. Lifted/Wendy Toliver/June 8th
6. Raised By Wolves/Jennifer Lynn Barnes/June 8th
7. Reality Check/Jen Calonita/June 14th
8. Cum Laude/Cecily Von Ziegesar/June 1st
9. A Field Guide For Heartbreakers/Kristen Tracy/June 1st, 2010
10. Something Wicked/Lesley Anne Cowan/June 1st, 2010
11. The Summer Of Skinny Dipping/Amanda Howells/June 1st
12. Blood Song/Cat Adams/June 8th
13. Seth Baumgartner's Love Manifesto/Eric Luper/June 8th
14. Crash Test Love/Ted Michael/June 8th
15. My Ultimate Sister Disaster/Jane Mendle/June 8th
16. The Half-Life Of Planets/Emily Franklin, Brendan Halpin/June 15th
17. Blue Bloods: Key To The Repository/Melissa de la Cruz/June 29th
18. Tell Me  A Secret/Holly Cupala/June 22nd
19. Tweet Heart/Elizabeth Rudnick/June 22nd
20. Nice And Mean/Jessica Leader/June 8th
21. Passing Strange (Generation Dead, #3)/Daniel Waters/June 1st
22. Dark Flame (The Immortals, #4)/Alyson Noel/June 22nd
23. The Short Second Life Of Bree Tanner/Stephenie Meyer/June 5th
24. Glimpse/Carol Lynch Williams/June 22nd
25. Slice/Steven Herrick/June 1st
26. My Soul To Keep (Soul Screamers, #3)/Rachel Vincent/June 1st
27. Queen Of Secrets/Jenny Meyerhoff/June 22nd
28. Freak Magnet/Andrew Auseon/June 15th
29. Rush/Jonathan Friesen/June 10th
30. The Mosts/Melissa Senate/June 8th
31. The Star Shack/Lila Castle/June 1st
32. Pretty Little Liars (Wanted, #8)/Sara Shepard/June 8th
33. The Forbidden Game: The Hunter; The Chase; The Kill/L.J Smith/June 8th
34. The Secret Of Lying/Todd Mitchell/June 8th
35. Kiss It/Erin Downing/June 15th
36. Sea/Heidi R. Kling/June 10th


  1. so many great books there i really need to catch up ! happy reading :)

  2. There are so many amazing books coming out! I'm so excited. I want to buy them all haha. Thanks for sharing Michelle :D

  3. YAY! I've already pre-ordered 2 June releases: SEA by Heidi R. Kling and DARK FLAME by Alyson Noel. Hope they're as good as they seem to be! I would really love to also read TELL ME A SECRET, though. :(

  4. So many books I want from that list ;) Luckily I have copies of a few of them in my TBR. Thanks for compiling this!

  5. I think I have about 8 of those ordered, and a couple already here. What a great month!

  6. So many books being released... I recognized a few authors in that list!

  7. I already ordered a couple of books but there are still quite a few that are on my wishlist

  8. This month is going to be fantastic! I can't wait for Blue Bloods: Key To The Repository and so many others. Awesome books! Thanks for sharing the list Michelle =)




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