Upcoming Release: Gimme A Call

Gimme A Call
By: Sarah Mlynowski

Pub date: April 27th, 2010

Devi's life isn't turning out at all like she wanted. She wasted the past three years going out with Bryan—cute, adorable, break-your-heart Bryan. Devi let her friendships fade, blew off studying, didn't join any clubs . . . and now that Bryan has broken up with her, she has nothing left.

Not even her stupid cell phone—she dropped it in the mall fountain. Now it only calls one number . . . hers. At age fourteen, three years ago!

Once Devi gets over the shock—and convinces her younger self that she isn't some wacko—she realizes that she's been given an awesome gift. She can tell herself all the right things to do . . . because she's already done all the wrong ones! Who better to take advice from than your future self?

Except . . .what if getting what you think you want changes everything?

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I think this book sounds so so interesting. We've all done things we regret or not done things we wish we would have."What if this would have happened?" or "What if I'd acted on that?" and so on. We've all thought about it before and can all relate in some form or another, that's why I'm really curious to read this one.


  1. Sounds fantastic! I hope to read it too!

  2. That does sound good! Thanks for sharing it.

  3. I was just looking at the picture and thinking, "Wow, what a pretty cover!" lol.

    this sounds really good! It's going in my wishlist now ;)

  4. This is the first time I've heard of this book but it sounds like a it'll be a good read. Great pick.

  5. Sounds awesome! I wants it!

  6. Award at our blog!! :)


  7. I do love that picture, if it was the cover I would definitely pick it up.

  8. This sounds great, I'm adding it to my TBR list. I also really like the cover you chose, slap some text on their and I'd buy the book. Also reckon the title should be changed to "Gimme" instead of "Gimmie" but enough of my nit-picking THIS SOUNDS GOOD.

  9. Anonymous11/04/2009

    Thanks for pointing that out Holly! I hate it when I miss spelling mistakes. ;D




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