Upcoming Release: How It Ends

How It Ends
By: Laura Wiess

Pub date: August 4th, 2009

All Hannah's wanted since sophomore year is Seth. She's gone out with other guys, even gained a rep for being a flirt, all the while hoping cool, guitar playing Seth will notice her. Then she gets him- but their relationship is hurtful, stormy and critical, not at all what Hannah thinks a perfect love should be.

Bewildered by Seth's treatment of her and in need of some understanding, Hannah decides to fulfill her school's community service requirement by spending time with Helen, her terminally ill neighbor who she's turned to for comfort and wisdom throughout her life. But illness has changed Helen into someone Hannah hardly knows, and her home is not the refuge it once was. Feeling more alone than ever, Hannah gets drawn into an audio book the older woman is listening to, a fierce, unsettling love story of passion, sacrifice and devotion. Hannah's fascinated by the idea that such all-encompassing love can truly exist, and without even realizing it, the story begins to change her.

Until the day when the story becomes all too real... and Hannah's world is spun off its axis by its shattering irrevocable conclusion.

summary from laurawiess.com

This one sounds really good. I was first drawn to the title and cover but then after stumbling across the summary, I'm eagerly anticipating its release. I've heard really great things about Laura Wiess and her other novels. August is pretty close... right? ;)


  1. I agree...it does sound good!

  2. It sounds good, a nice story.

  3. Anonymous4/28/2009

    sounds like a good book... also I like the cover it's very minimal and pretty... Also I read The Book of Luke, the book of the month, and really liked it. I also like the picture thing at the top of you blog.




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