Angel's Choice

Angel's Choice
By: Lauren Baratz-Logsted

In one night Angel Hansen's life changes forever: she has sex for the first time. Not that she remembers the act itself- not the pain or pleasure. But she is left with something that will never let her forget it: an unplanned pregnancy. Angel must make a choice. Abortion? Adoption? Keep it? None of these choices are easy and none of them are perfect. But there is one thing Angel is sure of. Whatever choice she makes, it must be the right one for her. Braced with that knowledge, Angel faces the toughest decision of her life.

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My Rating: 3.5/5

This appropriately titled book deals with Angel, a girl who is left pregnant after she has sex for the first time and the choice she will make in which to deal with her now given situation. I enjoyed this book. I found that it was pretty accurate at least from what I've heard and witnessed when it comes to pregnancy, teen pregnancy etc.

Even though I have not been through the same things that Angel was experiencing in the novel, I could still connect to her as a character. I sympathized with her and most of all I believed her struggle and wanted the best for her in the end. It is a fairly straight forward book, with a message to convey. I enjoyed this novel and I think that it is definitely worth a read.


  1. It seems a nice read.
    A difficult decision to make and a lot of pressure. I like books that explore the character's psychology.




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