Book Cover Challenge Entry (Princess Bookie)

Cindy is holding a super awesome challenge/contest over at her blog Princess Bookie.

You basically have to make a book cover (which I LOVE to do). As you can see, I chose, Chasing Brooklyn by Lisa Schroeder. I will take any excuse to open and use Photoshop haha. ;)

You can view the challenge here and the awesome entires here.

Good luck to everyone who entered!


  1. ohh, I would pick this up!

  2. Wow, that's a beautiful cover you made :)

  3. That is gorgeous! Are you in graphic design? If not, you should really consider making book covers for a living! :3

  4. I love the font with that picture, this is really pretty.

  5. Beautiful! Love it. :)

  6. Anonymous10/27/2009

    Thanks so much everyone! You're all so nice. =D

    Diana: Nope, Photoshop is just a hobby of mine, has been for a little while now. I looked into it and you need to be able to draw (you need a drawing portfolio) to be accepted into any programs and schools. I can't drawn to save my life haha. But yeah, designing book covers is awesome. :D

  7. Just wanted to say I really love this:) It's really striking! Also there is an award for you here :)




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