New Releases: May 2011

Above are four of the novels being released in May 2011

1. What Happened to Goodbye/Sarah Dessen/10th
2. Moonglass/Jessi Kirby/3rd
3. Between Here and Forever/Elizabeth Scott/24th
4. Awaken/Katie Kacvinsky/23rd
5. Notes from the Blender/Tricia Cook, Brendan Halpin/24th
6. I'm Not Her/Janet Gurtler/1st
7. Divergent (Divergent, #1)/Veronica Roth/3rd
8. Tighter/Adele Griffin/10th
9. The Summer of Firsts and Lasts/Terra Elan McVoy/3rd
10. BFF Breakup/Taylor Morris/10th
11. Bitter End/Jennifer Brown/10th
12. Flawless/Lara Chapman/10th
13. Compulsion/Heidi Ayarbe/3rd
14. Are You Going to Kiss Me Now?/Sloane Tanen/1st
15. A & L Do Summer/Jan Blazanin/10th
16. You Don't Know About Me/Brian Meehl/10th
17. The Cellar/A.J. Whitten/2nd
18. Jane Jones: Worst.Vampire.Ever/Caissie St. Onge/10th
19. If I Could Fly/Judith Ortiz Cofer/24th
20. Shine/Lauren Myracle/1st
21. Instructions for a Broken Heart/Kim A. Culbertson/1st
24. Me and Tennessee/Sheridan Hernandez/3rd
25. Girl Wonder/Alexa Martin/3rd
27. Kane Richards Must Die/Shanice Williams/12th
28. The Pull of Gravity/Gae Polisner/10th
29. Wrapped/Jennifer Bradbury/24th
31. Starcrossed (Starcrossed, #1)/Josephine Angelini/31st
33. Beauty Queens/Libba Bray/24th
34. Popular/Alissa Grosso/8th
35. The Sweetest Thing/Christina Mandelski/10th
36. So Much Closer/Susane Colasanti/3rd
37. My Not-So-Still Life/Liz Gallagher/10th
38. OyMG/Amy Fellner Dominy/10th
39. Kiss of Death (Scarlett Wakefield, #4)/Lauren Henderson/10th
40. The Lucky Kind/Alyssa B. Sheinmel/10th
42. Sixteenth Summer/Michelle Dalton/3rd


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