Upcoming Release: The Ghosts Of Ashbury High

The Ghosts of Ashbury High
By: Jaclyn Moriarty

Pub date: May 15th 2010

Already available in Australia & New Zealand titled: Dreaming Of Amelia

Amelia and Riley have transferred to Ashbury for their final year of school, and everyone is completely obsessed with them. Glamorous, talented and totally devoted to one another, the two of them drift through school in their own world. But there's more to the couple than meets the eye - they have secrets. And some of them are dangerous to share.

As Riley starts to lose his grip on Amelia, the repercussions affect everyone around them. It is a spellbinding story about ghosts, secrets, madness, passion, locked doors, femme fatales, and that terrifying moment in the final year of high school when you realize that the future's coming to get you.

summary from goodreads.com

I stumbled across this book today over at Good Golly Miss Holly and instantly added it to my list. I think it sounds beyond interesting. I'm all for stories lined with secrets and about characters with extraordinary bonds.

This book is called Dreaming of Amelia in New Zealand, The UK and Australia. You can even see above that it's already available in some of those countries. For some reason, it's going to be called The Ghosts of Ashbury High in North America. To be honest, I actually prefer the original title a lot more. What about you guys-which title do you prefer?


  1. Oh! I just got this from the publisher and it's such a funny combination of funny/spooky. To be honest, I do prefer the Australian title.

  2. Ooh, this book looks great. Can't wait to read it :)

  3. Oh, yeah, this looks great. I'm a big fan of the author's previous works, and this one looks like it'll be no less awesome.




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